Orthodox Christian Topics
Orthodox Christian Messages XI
Written by Greg Pantelidis BSc(Hons)

1. Whip evil thoughts and evil ideas with logic.
2. The likes, dislikes, and neutralities of our neighbor are no concern of ours. They are none of our business.
3. Vanity is defeated by the hidden practice of virtue and by logical reflection.
4. Cursed vanity! Cursed conceit! Cursed pride! Cursed egoism!
5. Thank God for the gifts He has given you and be humble, never exalting because of those gifts.
6. The Old law says: “You shall do no injustice to your neighbor”. (Lev. 19:13). The New law says: “Do good to all”. (Gal. 6:10).
7. Illogical love of the body leads to vanity of the body, sorrow, and illogical pleasure.
8. Lord Jesus is Deliverer, Redeemer, and Savior.
9. Lord Jesus is God, King, Priest, and Prophet. By grace an Orthodox Christian becomes god, king, priest, and prophet.
10. Light is humility, meekness, mercy, and love. Darkness is pride, wrath, non-mercy, and hatred.
11. Are you a member of light or a member of darkness?
12. Do not exalt your opinion. Do not exalt your will. Do not exalt your likes, dislikes, and neutralities. Have humility of opinion. Have humility of will. Humble your likes, dislikes, and neutralities.
13. Injustice towards God, self, or neighbor, creates a disturbance that must be restored. It is restored by repentance, confession, correction, restitution, and resolution to never repeat this injustice.
14. According to natural law we will reap what we sowed: injustice for injustice. Lord Jesus offered Himself to atone for every injustice. We partake of His atonement if we repent and vow henceforth to live a life of gospel virtue.
15. When the heart or mind exalts it becomes desolate.
16. Orthodox Christians are citizens of heaven. (See Phil. 3:20). They reside in the world as aliens, keeping spiritual law, transcending the worldly mind of attachment to food, possessions (including knowledge), glory, and romance.
17. Lord Jesus is the perfect practitioner and teacher of spiritual law.
18. Lord Jesus calls us to His eternal kingdom, to be ruled by His Holy Spirit.
19. Lord Jesus is the solution. Lord Jesus is the solution to all our problems.
20. Seek non-glory in this life and you will be free and happy.
21. Do you speak the language of the Spirit? Do you understand the wisdom of the Spirit?
22. An evil thought is an abomination to the Lord. An evil idea is an abomination to the Lord. An evil feeling is an abomination to the Lord. An evil word is an abomination to the Lord. An evil work is an abomination to the Lord.
23. Be free of sin by being devoted to Lord Jesus. Those not devoted to Lord Jesus are slaves to sin.
24. Love is to encourage and praise the good, and to correct in patience the bad.
25. God never takes you at your worst, but takes you at your best. He is a loving and just God, desiring your salvation.
26. (Rom. 13:10): “Love does not work evil towards neighbor”.
27. Let God govern you towards the end you must reach, your salvation.
28. It has been confirmed by many generations of persons that the life of wealth, glory, and pleasure does not bring happiness. The life of non-wealth, non-glory, and non-pleasure brings happiness.
29. Do not be a zealot for wealth, glory, and pleasure. Be a zealot for gospel virtue and gospel wisdom.
30. Non-pleasure is pleasure. Non-wealth is wealth. Non-glory is glory.
31. Do not get tangled in the likes, dislikes, and neutralities of other persons. Follow the guidance of the Way, and the destiny it is guiding you to.
32. A carnal person practices and teaches carnal life. A psychical person practices and teaches psychical life. A natural person practices and teaches natural life. A spiritual person practices and teaches spiritual life.
33. Seek a life of non-wealth, non-glory, and non-pleasure, and you will be free and happy.
34. Heed the calling to the life of grace. Heed the calling to the way of Orthodox Christian Spirituality.
35. Go to Lord Jesus that He may slay your passions and resurrect you to a life of grace and gospel virtue.
36. Darkness is overeating, stealing and overpossessing, vanity, pride, disobedience, and unchastity. Light is fasting, frugality, charity, humility, obedience, non-vanity, and chastity.
37. Are you a crucified one? Dead to the world and betrothed to Lord Jesus?
38. Are you crucified to wealth, glory, and pleasure? Do you delight in non-wealth, non-glory, and non-pleasure?
39. Be detached from other persons. Rank yourself below all other persons. Stop having illogical self-love. Have love of God, logical self-love, and love of other persons.
40. Abandon the abominations of the dragon, that is, the passions. To cling to the abominations, that is, the passions, is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.
41. Reject every abomination of the dragon, that is, reject every form of evil.
42. Each human person has goodness and badness. Each person is characterized by what they have major and what minor. A good person is he who has major goodness and minor badness. A bad person is he who has major badness and minor goodness.
43. Are the rulers logical, just, and humble? Then the ruled will become logical, just, and humble.
44. Virtuous rulers make virtuous those they rule. Impious rulers make impious those they rule.
45. Have a peaceful mind. Reject all abominations, that is, cunning thoughts.
46. Seek to be free of abominations, that is, wrong thoughts.
47. Be free of the likes, dislikes, and neutralities of other persons. Have your own likes, dislikes, and neutralities, and be at peace.
48. Be detached from persons and objects and you will be free and happy. In every place be detached and you will live and work with joy and happiness.
49. Be detached from persons and you will be free, happy, and loving.
50. Be neutral towards the body. Reject vanity of the body, bodily pleasure, self-corruption, and every other abomination related to the body.
51. Be a neighbor-pleaser (See Rom. 15:2), not a men-pleaser (See Eph. 6:6).
52. Every person must be dear to us. We must love every person whether good or bad. We must honor every person whether good or bad.
53. Every person is in the image of God. Every person is a brother or sister of Lord Jesus. Therefore love and honor every person. (See Matt. 25:40).
54. Exaltation and pride cause desolation. The dragon exalted and became desolate. Adam exalted and became desolate. Jerusalem exalted and became desolate. (See Matt. 23:38). Every person that exalts becomes desolate. Therefore never exalt and you will retain grace, virtue, knowledge, and spiritual gifts.
55. The kingdom of the dragon is overeating, stealing and overpossessing, vanity, pride, disobedience, and unchastity. This kingdom is destroyed by faith in Lord Jesus. Faith in Lord Jesus destroys first unchastity, second overeating, third disobedience, fourth stealing and overpossessing, fifth vanity, and sixth pride.
56. God allows what we encounter for our salvation. Believe that everything which occurs is for our salvation.
57. There are four types of persons: carnal persons, psychical persons, natural persons, and spiritual persons. These four types correspond to the four categories in the Parable of the Sower. Carnal persons reject the gospel message. Psychical persons accept the gospel message but only for a short while, and reject it when persecution arises. Natural persons hear the gospel message but cares of this life and love of possessions cause them to make it not bear fruit. Spiritual persons hear the gospel message, accept it, and bear fruit thirty-fold, sixty-fold, or a hundred-fold.
58. Oh how wonderful it is to be free of self! Free and happy! Free to love God and neighbor! Free to serve God and neighbor! Free to reign with Lord Jesus!
59. Each person has goodness and badness. The good have major goodness and minor badness. Love them for their goodness. The bad have major badness and minor goodness. Love them for their goodness also. Whether a person is good or bad we must love their goodness and hate their badness, minor or major.
60. We must repent, atone, and restitute, for every single injustice we practice.
61. God does not want sin at all. Sin is an abomination to God.
62. Love does not exalt itself and humble its neighbor. Love exalts its neighbor and humbles itself.
63. Which way will you follow: the Way of Lord Jesus or the Way of the Dragon?
64. Pray before every work you do, seeking the help of God. In all your works say: ‘God willing I will succeed in this work’.
65. Thank God for His gifts to you. Seek to double them, and be humble so that you do not lose them.
66. The world has three main problems: oppression, poverty, and disease. These three problems must be eliminated. First, oppression must be eliminated. Second, poverty must be eliminated. And third, disease must be eliminated. The freedom of each person must be secured so that they can develop canonical personalities, free of vice, ignorance, and psychological perversions. Oppression deprives persons of a canonical freedom and happiness. Goods must be distributed with equity so that poverty is eliminated. Finally, persons must eat healthily, exercise, and live a harmonious life in order to eliminate disease.
67. Each person needs a mentor, not controllers. A mentor ensures the development of canonical personalities.
68. You must rebuke with kindness a brother who practices injustice. (Lev. 19:17): “You shall rebuke your neighbor, and so not bear guilt because of him”. (Luke 17:3): “If your brother sins against you, rebuke him, and if he repents, forgive him”. (1 Tim. 5:1-2): “Do not rebuke an older man but comfort as a father, younger men as brothers, older women as mothers, younger women as sisters”. (1 Tim. 5:20): “Those who are sinning rebuke in the presence of all, that the rest also may fear”.
69. Be an example of good thoughts, good words, and good works. Those who associate with you will imitate your good words and good works. If you have only good words but bad works those who associate with you will imitate your bad works and ignore your good words. Always remember persons will imitate your words and works, whether good or bad, so always have good words and good works. (See Matt. 23:3).
70. Children imitate words and works, whether good or bad. Therefore always set an example of good words and good works.
71. Are you a mentor to others or are you a controller towards others?
72. Each person is a king or queen of the earth. Each person must be given the freedom to cultivate their kingship or queenship. No person has the right to reign over another person. Each person must practice the middle way of gospel virtue.
73. The life of gospel virtue requires a mentor. No person should be self-guided in the life of gospel virtue. To be protected from harm an Orthodox Christian must have a mentor. That mentor is the apostle of Lord Jesus, the Spiritual Father.
74. Do your work with honesty and humility. Such work is a blessing.
75. Shed your illogical self-love and you will be free and happy!
76. Submit your ego, and you will be free and happy, and others will be free and happy also!
77. God sends us poverty, disease, and oppression so that we let go of ego and become free. Let go of ego and be free!
78. The dragon attacks us with evil thoughts, evil desires, and evil anger. He first sends us evil thoughts, seeking to activate evil desires and evil anger, and finally evil words and evil actions. If we guard out thoughts, our desire, and our anger, we avoid evil words and evil actions.
79. Examine yourself. What chronic evil thoughts do you have? What chronic evil desires do you have? What chronic evil anger do you have? What chronic evil words do you speak? What chronic evil actions do you practice?
80. Be frugal and you will be free and happy. Be frugal in food, frugal in possessions, frugal in glory, frugal in romance.
81. Be a practitioner of gospel virtue, devoted to Lord Jesus.
82. Gospel virtue can only be practiced through the sacramental life of the Orthodox Christian Church. Therefore keep the sacraments and you will bear the fruit of gospel virtue.
83. Invest in heaven. Invest in heaven by practicing charity here. Practice charity to all in need. Practice charity and love always.
84. In the Old Testament you were required to love a good person and hate a bad person. In the New Testament you are required to love a good person and love also a bad person for the good they have. Hate the badness of a bad person, not the actual bad person.
85. Each teacher is measured by the amount of followers he has and the endurance of his church, that is, those who believe his teaching. The holiness of the church of each teacher is the success of that teacher.
86. Which life do you prefer? The secular life or the religious life? Which church do you wish to be a member of? The secular church or the Orthodox Christian Church?
87. The secular church only knows competition, victory, defeat, enmity, hatred, and envy. The Orthodox Christian Church knows stillness, humility, charity, love and brotherhood.
88. The dragon seeks to effect our divorce from Lord Jesus, both in this life and in the future life. Return to Lord Jesus, and preserve your betrothal to Lord Jesus in anticipation of your eternal marriage to Lord Jesus.
89. The world has no lack of teachers, it has many teachers. What it needs is deliverers. The deliverers are the apostles of Lord Jesus.
90. There are three degrees of knowledge. The first degree is material knowledge, and consists of names, laws, numbers, causes and effects. The second degree is psychological knowledge, and consists of the knowledge of virtues, vices, ethical science, and dogmatic science. The third degree is spiritual knowledge, and consists of the mysteries of the Spirit, spiritual contemplation, and the gifts of the Spirit.
91. Every human person is our superior. We have no right to judge our superior. Instead we must respect, love, and serve every human person.
92. Each person has the right to follow Lord Jesus or to not follow Lord Jesus. The right of each person must be respected. Vainly therefore do some hope to force a mitzvah community.
93. Every person has the right to a religious education. This right is a fundamental human right.
94. We must respect the right of every person in every secular and religious matter.
95. If you breach the natural right or the spiritual right of another person you must repent, confess, restitute, and vow non-repeat.
96. Every transgression of gospel law requires atonement, repentance, confession, restitution, and vow of non-repeat.
97. Lord Jesus came to save us from sin. He calls all to repent and come to Him. (See Matt. 11:28). The right to accept the salvation of Lord Jesus is left to the free choice of every person. Lord Jesus cannot save us by compulsion. We must freely go to Lord Jesus.
98. Know the mystery of the grace of the Holy Spirit. Know the mystery of gospel virtue. Know the mystery of gospel wisdom. Know the mystery of the contrite and humble heart.
99. Know the mystery of perfect faith in Lord Jesus. Know the mystery of perfect humility. Know the mystery of perfect obedience.
100. Know the mystery of repentance. Know the great mystery of the Cross. Know the mystery of the kingdom of Grace. Know the mystery of the kingdom of Glory. All power belongs to All-Mighty Lord Jesus!
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